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Joan H. Winokur

Petro's musical expertise brought to life his wonderful ethnic instruments. So many beautiful tones vibrated throughout my body. I found myself transported to another realm and in a meditative state. After that session, I slept better than I had in a week, and have been feeling better in general ever since. It was definitely a healing experience for me.


Thank U 4 releasing the blockages that weighed heavy in my body and spirit. I will be back for another session!!

Jordan Rosen

I recently attended one of Petro's sound healing meditation ceremonies. This experience was extremely educational and uplifting. The peaceful sound healing meditation at the end of the class had a lasting influence for days. I purchased a CD at the end of the class and whenever I need that uplifting peaceful mind again, it’s my go to music. I would highly recommend this to anybody!

Pedro Luna

I attended one of Petro's Sound Healing Experiences and it was absolutely incredible. I felt so relaxed and grounded after the event, I can't wait for the next one. Petro is extremely talented and has many unique instruments to share with the World . If he is providing the music for an event or experience you need to be there!


Dear Petro,

I'm so grateful for the Sound Healing treatment you gave me. Really feel that it saved me from having to go to the hospital emergency room. I was having a lot of pain is my lower back, and frankly, I was very scared. Your sound healing treatment calmed me, and gradually the pain eased up. Within a couple of hours, the pain had completely vanished. It has never returned.

Thanks so much for your Wonderful Healing skills.

Sincerely, Sheefra


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